Lenovo and Tobii Partner To Launch Eye-Controlled Laptop

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Lenovo is demonstrating their new functional laptop at CeBit tech fair in Hannover, Germany this week.

The laptop is controlled by the user’s eye movements. It will allow you to point, select, and scroll. If you stare the cursor will appear, zoom in on maps or switch windows to browse e-mails or other documents.

One concern of laptops is the battery life. This one is designed to auto-dim and brighten the screen when it recognizes your retinas, extending the battery life. Eye movements are tracked by shining infrared lights into the user’s eyes. A hidden camera then detects the glint of the retinas. The system is adjusted to fit the individual user. It doesn’t matter if you wear glasses or not the technology will still work.

Swedish company Tobii has partnered with Lenovo to bring this eye tracking software to the general audiences. Tobii has provided this technology to those with disabilities for over a decade now. They are hoping to make the components small and cheap enough in the coming years that the technology will be accessible to all. The prototype is twice as thick as a regular laptop in part because of the built-in cameras.

"More than anything else, the Tobii laptop prototype is proof that our eye-tracking technology is mature enough to be used in standard computer interfaces," said Henrik Eskilsson, CEO of Tobii.

 ngadget got its eyeballs on the demo Windows 7 laptop and reported that "it works extraordinarily well--Tobii clearly knows what it's doing, because even with our sloppy calibration at the start of the session, the system still detected where we were looking with pinpoint precision."

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