Russian Man With Lots O' Loot Sets New Champagne Spending Record

$75,000 for a bottle of champagne? Sounds reasonable. At least that's how one wealthy customer viewed his recent purchase of a vintage bottle of Dom Perignon.

The unnamed buyer, thought to be Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, set a new record when he purchased the exceedingly rare methuselah of the 1996 Rose Gold vintage. Known as "The King of Champagnes," the Rose Gold methuselah is dipped in rose gold and holds 6 liters or 1.59 gallons. At $75,000, including a $15,000 tip (I'm apparently in the wrong line of work), the purchase is thought to be the most anyone has ever paid for a bottle of bar champagne.

The buyer selected the high-priced champagne at London's Westbury Hotel after the premiere of the new movie Boogie Woogie. The wealthy individual and his friends must have been having a good time because the group spilled no less than three glasses of champagne within minutes of delivery. Chalk it up to too much Boogy Woogying.


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