5 Products to See at CES 2011

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a little over two weeks away, and tech fans can’t wait to see what this year’s event will bring. Here are 5 products that will be unveiled, or rumored to be unveiled, at the big show taking place in Las Vegas January 6 - 9.

Microsoft Tablets, Windows 8

According to a report in The New York Times, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will display a number of Microsoft tablets that may one day compete with Apple’s iPad. Samsung, Dell, and other manufacturers reportedly built the devices which will focus on business as well as play. A few of the above-mentioned tablets and other companion devices may also be running Microsoft’s next operating system, Windows 8.

Motorola Android Honeycomb Tablet

Motorola is also planning to compete with Apple and the company will unveil its Android Honeycomb device at CES next month. Here’s a teaser video Motorola released today.

NEC Dual-Screen Cloud Communicator Android Tablet

According to a press release issued by NEC and reported by Engadget, NEC will debut a dual-screen Cloud Communicator tablet featuring two 7-inch LCDs, a stylus, and WiFi, 3G, and Bluetooth modules. The device will also reportedly support the use of different programs on each LCD.

LG B Smartphone

Today, the Android website Phandroid announced that LG will debut a new phone, “B,” at CES. LG confirmed the news on Twitter, but that post was later deleted, causing some to conclude the confirmation was issued by mistake. The new “B” phone, which is reportedly the center phone in the photo below, may soon be the thinnest phone on the market.

Toshiba Glasses-Free 3DTVs

Toshiba will display 12-inch and 20-inch glasses-free 3DTvs at CES, however the TVs aren’t expected to go on sale in the US until sometime in 2011. As we reported earlier, Toshiba will launch the glasses-free 3DTVs in Japan this month.

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