5 Spy Gadgets Worthy of Angelina Jolie and Anna Chapman

With the recent release of Angelina Jolie’s “Salt” and the ongoing scandal involving Anna Chapman, spies, particularly Russians, are all the rage these days. Here are 5 cool spy gadgets to help you get into the spirit of espionage.

Micro SD Camcorder

If you suspect your partner of doubling the pleasure, doubling the fun, slip this micro SD camcorder into a pack of gum, put it in the bedroom, and see what happens. Joey Greco would be proud!  


Infidelity Test Kit

Or if you prefer the CSI approach, the Semen Detection Spy Kit can help you uncover any incriminating fluids that may not be visible to the naked eye. Bonus: you can also spot semen residue at hotels! Sleep tight.

Portable Professional Voice Changer

If you need to professionally modify your voice while on the go (who doesn’t?), the Portable Professional Voice Changer is for you! Now you can make harassing phone calls, er, plan a secret rendezvous with ease.


Stun Gun/Flashlight Combo

Stunning women will feel safe and secure with this handy stun gun/flashlight combo. Shock and awe any predators who dare set foot in your direction. 

Hidden Camera Detector

You’ll naturally need to conduct some counter surveillance. That’s where the Spy Finder Hidden Camera Detector comes in. Simply look through the special lens, scan the room, and see what cameras have been planted in your domicile

Good luck and happy spying!

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