5 Ghastly Ghost Apps for Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner and films like "Paranormal Activity 2" frightening moviegoers, what better time to explore the world of the supernatural? Here are 5 spooky ghost apps sure to help you get in the Halloween spirit or, better yet, find a spirit.

True Ghost Stories From Around the World

Read true ghost stories from around the globe, view ghostly photos, or share your own spooky tale with this fun and frightening app. “True Ghost Stories From Around the World” allows users to comment, bookmark favorite stories, rate ghost tales, and more, all for the frighteningly low price of 0.99.

Ghost Tour

After reading all the spooky tales on “True Ghost Stories From Around the World,” you may just want to find a ghost of your own. “Ghost Tour” (0.99) helps users find and map haunted locations in their area, share ghostly stories, view and upload photos, rate locations, and much more.

Ghost Radar

Once you’ve found a haunted house near you, you’ll naturally some sort of sprit sensing device. You could buy pricey ghost hunting equipment, but why do that when the iPhone “Ghost Radar” app is only 0.99? “Ghost Radar” detects paranormal activity using “various sensors,” so it’s only a matter of time before you find a ghost lurking in your area.

Ask the Dead

What use is finding the spirit of a person long dead if you can’t talk to him or her? “Ask the Dead” (0.99) is essentially an Ouija Board for your iPhone and can help the living contact the dead, or, if that gets boring, “hear a live haunting.”

Ghost Capture

If you’ve been unable to find a spirit with the apps listed above, why not just make a ghost of your own? “Ghost Capture” allows users to manipulate photos and create their own ghostly image. Creepy Victorian children, faceless torsos, Civil War ghosts, orbs, and more are all waiting to make an appearance in your photos. Get “Ghost Capture” for 0.99.

Happy ghost hunting and Happy Halloween!

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