5 iPhone Apps for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, but don’t worry. There are plenty of wacky iPhone apps you can purchase to celebrate this romantic holiday. Here are just a few of the apps available.

The Love Machine

Do you have the dexterous fingers of a love machine? This unique app invites users to “tease” a heart with their fingers and determine if they have the pace and technique to keep things interesting. Love Machine will even give users helpful hints on how to improve their technique. Oh baby.

Send a Bouquet

Ordering real flowers is for losers. Today’s Casanova’s are sending virtual bouquets via iPhone’s Send a Bouquet App. Check out this review from one satisfied customer: “I love this app, My wife was so impressed when I sent her my bouquet that now we are expecting a baby!!!" – Hairyconiption. His wife was obviously very pleased with the fake flowers. What’s stopping you from pleasing your lover?


Thanks to the wonders of Lovetricity, lovers everywhere can finally measure their level of chemistry. Curious couples need only place their thumbs on the app’s “love sensing pads” and wait for the highly scientific results, ranging from “Burning Hot” to “On Life Support.” At 0.99, this app is an indisputable bargain.  

iKamasutra Lite

Why research new positions on the Internet when there’s iKamasutra Lite? This free version of iPhone’s popular kamasutra app gives users 11 fun positions to try as well as live feedback (not sure how that works). Lovers can even star their favorite positions and share their progress on Twitter and Facebook! Helpful hint: unfriend your mother first. She probably doesn’t want to know about Pump or the Peepshow.


Want to propose to your girlfriend but just aren’t sure how to do it? Don’t worry! There’s iPropose! Ladies are sure to be wooed by the 24k “pixel gold” engagement ring complete with a ½ carat pixel diamond. Just be sure to enter the correct name in the “Enter Name” portion of the screen. Thanks to this customizable app, you can always iPropose to someone else if your first choice rejects you.

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