A Better Way to Charge Mobile Devices on the Go

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Most cars only come with one outlet to charge our mobile devices. That one outlet doesn’t let us do much other than charge our cell phones, but we still may want to be able to charge an iPod or a couple of cell phones. That’s where this cool gadget comes in.

There is a Coffee Cup Power Inverter on the market that will let you charge 3 devices at once. It fits snuggly into a cup holder and converts your car’s DC power into two 120-volt AC outlets. It also features a USB charging port that provides 500mA of power. Between these three outlets you can charge everything from a mobile DVD player, game consoles and the iPod. You could even plug in a travel hair dyer.

It’s the perfect accompaniment to a road trip, especially with kids. The trick to staying sane on a road trip is to keep the kids entertained. Since this will charge portable gaming consoles there is no end to keeping the kids happy. You won’t be worrying about the power draining from their devices as you travel.

The cup is 6”tall x 3.5” in diameter. It will fit into a standard cup holder. The device provides 120 volt power from a standard cigarette lighter has an overload protection and low battery shut off feature and comes with an 18 inch cord.

It retails for $29.99.

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