A New Beverage On The Market: Whisky In A Can

Here’s a new tailgating beverage to help you get crazy drunk faster. This new drink is brought to us by Scottish Spirits, a company based in Panama. They are the same people that developed alcohol free whisky.

They are now marketing Scotch whisky in a twelve ounce can that is lightweight and recyclable. The whisky is being billed as a great alternative to beer at outdoor events. Aluminum is a safer bet than the traditional glass bottles Scotch is packaged in and it fits in a cooler nicely.

Contained in its aluminum walls are eight little shots, perfect for sharing. One would have to share too; can you imagine the hang over you’d have if you shot gunned a can of this? The company does recommend splitting it between three people, as no one should drink twelve ounces of whisky.

Personally I am skeptical. I don’t see this as the drink of choice, replacing the traditional beer, at a football game or an outdoor concert but perhaps it will catch on with a more sophisticated crowd.

Now, if they could just come up with a Margarita in a can I would be excited.


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