Amazon Adds Universal Pictures Titles to Video Streaming Service

Universal Pictures

Amazon announced today that it has partnered with Universal Pictures to offer select films to its movie-streaming service, Prime Instant Video, Reuters reports.

"We are very excited to offer Prime members popular Universal films at no additional cost," Cameron Janes, director of Amazon Instant Video, said in a release. "Our customers love movies and now we offer them more than 2,000 movies to choose from with Prime Instant Video."

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Babe, Flipper, and Godsford Park are just a few of the Universal Pictures available for viewing. The new additions mean that Prime customers can now choose from 9,000 movies and television shows.

The Universal deal comes a week after Amazon announced a similar agreement with CBS, an agreement that brought shows like Frasier, Cheers, Star Trek, and The Tudors to its lineup.

With each deal, Amazon comes one step closer to closing in on Netflix, America’s most popular video service. Amazon Prime customers currently pay $79 a year, $17 more than what Netflix charges for unlimited streaming. Though Netflix won’t say exactly how many titles its subscribers may access, the company claims the number is “vastly more” than what Amazon offers.

Which video streaming service do you prefer Netflix or Amazon Prime?

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