Amazon Introduces Kindle Cloud, a Web-Based E-Reader

On Wednesday, Amazon announced the launch of the Kindle Cloud Reader, a new web app that allows users to read and purchase e-books within a web browser.

The Cloud Reader, which was designed with Apple’s iPad in mind, is nearly identical to the Kindle iPad app, offering offline reading and the ability to adjust font size and highlight text. Readers can also purchase books straight from Amazon within the browser and instantly read them online. No longer are users forced to purchase books from the Apple-hosted Kindle app, which is the whole point of Kindle Cloud.

The Kindle Cloud Reader is Amazon’s way of getting around Apple’s unpopular rule requiring app publishers, including book sellers, to give up 30% of their profits from the sale of books sold through the App store.  Last week, Amazon removed the “Kindle Store” link button from its e-book reader to prevent customers from buying books through Apple. Walmart, Barnes and Noble, and Google have also opted for web browser based services to avoid Apple’s hefty fees.

So far, the Kindle Cloud Reader is currently available on the iPad and through Safari and Chrome web browsers on a Mac or PC. However, Amazon said on its web site that the “Kindle Cloud Reader would be available on additional web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, the BlackBerry PlayBook browser, and other mobile browsers, in the coming months.”

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