Amazon Shuts Down E-book Lending Site

source appleinsider

A few weeks ago Kindle users were excited read about the new Lendle site that would let them share e-books with friends and relatives.   Unfortunately, before the service could even gain traction Amazon revoked their API access. This rendered the site useless.

Lendle co-founder Jeff Croft said, “They [Amazon] shut the API access off, and without it our site is mostly useless. So we went ahead and pulled it down. Could we build a lending site without their API? Yes, but it wouldn’t be the quality of product we expect from ourselves.”

Amazon doesn’t feel that Lendle serves the principle purpose of driving sales of products and services on the Amazon site. 

So here we go again. Just like the file sharing issues the music executives fought in the 90’s it appears Amazon is also fighting off the sharing of e-books, at least through their site.  As a retailer it is more beneficial to have force people to purchase a book rather than borrow a book.

Interestingly though, publishers are the ones that determine which books are available for lending.  They label them so readers will know which ones they can share.  Readers just need a way to transfer the titles to those they are lending to. That is where the services come into play.  Hopefully a work around can be found that makes everyone happy.

If print really is dead then the concept of lending a friend a book certainly could be too.

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