Angry Bird Movie in the Works

Angry Birds has captured the attention of millions of people around the world, and now Rovio, the maker of the popular game, hopes to capitalize on that success by making not one, not two, but “multiple” Angry Bird movies.

“How I see our whole brand, our whole Angry Birds franchise – I definitely see the film potential as a long-term commitment,” Rovio’s Vice President of Franchise Development Ville Heijari said in an interview with Eurogamer. “Not just the one-off flick that happened, but to really flesh out the world, build the characters, make it really engaging.”

The Angry Bird movie would be similar to Ice Age, Heijair said, and not just based on the game’s premise which is slingshotting birds into various structures.

"We really genuinely have a lot of storytelling opportunities there. It's not all about birds slingshotting themselves! Ha! There's a lot of stuff going around the characters,” he said.

Gadget and Gizmos reports that Rovio hired former Marvel Comics chairman David Maisel to help turn the popular game into a popular movie. However, theatergoers won’t see an Angry Bird movie anytime soon.

“If we started production today, the earliest date would be in 2014 – maybe,” Heijari explained. “When we’re talking about a full feature film, that’s really impossible to comment at the moment because that’s really in the planning stages.”

The ambitious Rovio also plans to turn the game into an animated series.

Now I like Angry Birds as much as the next person (I've recently wasted tons of hours on the game), but a film franchise? Come on!

Would you watch an Angry Birds movie?

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