Apple Aims to Axe Sexting Among Adolescents

Thanks to Apple, parents may soon be able to stop their horny offspring from sending sexually explicit text messages, or sexts.

The newly-patented technology will allow an iPhone's administrator, i.e. parent, block the phone from sending or receiving texts that contain certain words or phrases (though explicit images can still get through). Parents can also filter content by a child's grade level, a feature that sets the technology apart from other cock text blocking programs. 

As if that won't annoy teens enough, the innovative interface can also require users to correct grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors before sending texts. OMG! No more LOLs? Parents can also use the technology to force their kids into sending texts in another language. If a kid is taking Spanish lessons, for example, the program can reovoke his or her texting privledges if they don't a pre-set number of texts in Spanish. Sexts in Spanish, maybe?

The technology is not yet available to the public and there's no world on when it will be.

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