Apple One Step Closer To Cloud-Music

Apple took a step closer to creating their cloud-music service with the approval of major record labels.  Warner Bros. and EMI have already signed on with Apple and now it seems Sony Music is on board too. The only hold out is Universal Music Group, but sources say there is deal in the works.

Once Apple has established licensing agreements with all four labels they will be able to launch a fully licensed cloud-music service.  They will rival Amazon and Google’s services which are not licensed services, despite trying to obtain agreements.

The allure of this new iTunes service is that it will allow consumers to store their music on Apple’s servers and access their libraries from the web, rather than downloading to device such as the iPod Shuffle.

The plans have not been made public but could be announced at Apple’s developer conference in June. At that time we may find out if there will be a fee for this service and when it might be made available to the general public. It is thought to part of Apple’s expanded MobileMe service that will position Apple to better compete with Google’s Android operating system that is integrated with other tablet and handset companies. 

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