Apple Tablet to be Unveiled Tomorrow?

Tomorrow is the big day, the day when Apple will finally unveil its “latest creation.”  Though the event has created a tremendous amount of buzz, nearly everyone expects the company to present the long-awaited Apple Tablet, a tablet-style computer that will almost certainly be called, surprise, surprise, the iTablet (though iSlate, iPad, and iSlab are also possibilities).

Yesterday, reported that a mobile analytics firm known as Flurry has allegedly been able to track a group of 50 devices running the yet-unreleased iPhone OS 3.2 software from Apple’s main campus in Cupertino, CA. Flurry claims that these mystery devices are the legendary Apple Tablet and many gadget gurus believe that Flurry’s report is the best evidence of an iTablet yet. The report comes after a series of so-called "confirmed" photos of the Apple's mysterious device. See more of mashable’s Apple tablet article here.

All of the speculation will finally come to an end tomorrow on Wednesday, January 27th, 10am Pacific Time, at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Stay tuned!

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