Apple to Release iPhone 5 in June?

Will a fifth generation iPhone launch this summer? That’s the rumor. However, more than a few fans and industry insiders are skeptical of the claim. Here's why.

Rumors began swirling after South Korean news site reported that Apple will release a new iPhone the fourth week of June. The report claims Apple has confirmed the time frame, but as CNN’s Doug Gross points out, it would be rather unlike the notoriously tight-lipped Apple to confirm a release date. The report also ran on April 1, leading some to wonder if it was an April Fools’ prank.

Other factors that make a June release date unlikely are multiple reports suggesting Apple will focus on software, not hardware, at its summer conference, the report's claim that the iPhone 5 will debut in South Korea the same day it debuts in the United States (the iPhone 4 came to Korea three months after it arrived in the U.S.), Steve Jobs’ medical absence, and earthquake and tsunami damage that may affect production of a camera sensor thought to be part of the iPhone 5.

The original iPhone, the iPhone 3GS, and the iPhone 4 all had June releases, while the iPhone 3G was released in early July. Therefore, it’s possible fans could get their hands on the iPhone 5 this summer. However, most Western media outlets and bloggers think the South Korean news report is too good to be true.

Apple has not commented on the rumors.

Do you think we’ll see the iPhone 5 this summer?

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