Apple’s iTunes Turns 10

Ten years ago, Apple debuted a brand new way to look at, store, and listen to music: iTunes was born.  Back on January 9, 2001, iTunes was a much different animal than it is today. Since then, roughly 320 million blank CDs have been sold, many of which I’m sure were used to burn customized “mix CDs” of listeners’ favorite songs.  Although a lot has changed about iTunes functions, including new additions of things like podcasts, the iTunes store, and more, one thing hasn’t changed: the focus on a simplistic user interface and experience. 

Back in 2001, iTunes’ only features were a music player and a music manager – that is, you could look at a list of your music, and you could also listen to it. That’s it. Today, you can do so much more – categorize via genre, rate your favorite songs with star values, organize your library with album covers and art, and more.

Has iTunes changed the way you listen to music? As for me, I can hardly remember ever using anything but iTunes for music. Here’s a clip of the 2001 introduction:

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