Australian Lawmaker Wants to Ban Gambling Apps

Australian senator Nick Xenophon is known for his anti-gambling views, so it should come as no surprise that the lawmaker takes offense to gambling apps offered for the iPhone.

Xenophon says he recently became aware of apps that allow users to play simulated slot machines and that such apps, recommended for users age 12 and up, are a danger to children. Why? In Xenophon's opinion, gambling applications teach children that gambling is a legitmate way to earn money and set kids up for future financial ruin.

"The use of money, albeit fantasy, drills home a false impression that poker machines can be a source of money or income," Senator Xenophon said. "...This is a training application for kids to lose real money when they turn 18."

Many of the apps in question are associated with major casinos and can be downloaded for free. Critics argue the apps are harmless as there is no real money involved.

What do you think? Are the gambling apps harmless fun or do they encourage future gambling problems?

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

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