Big Brother Lurks In Your iPhone and 3G iPad

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George Orwell warned us about Big Brother, but little did he know it would come in the form of an Apple iPhone or 3G iPad.  Sadly, developers have noticed that Steve Jobs and the guys installed tracking devices on all the new iPhones and iPads to record your whereabouts at all times.

Of course you, like many others, are wondering what implications this development has on your privacy. Why in the world does Apple need this information?  Apple’s Product Security Team has yet to comment on this.

To make matters worse the tracking file is unencrypted and unprotected.  If it falls into the wrong hands the file can be accessed and your movements over the last year can be identified.  Oh, and if you synched your iOS device with anything else, that machine is also traceable. 

There doesn’t seem to be an immediate need to worry. The information doesn’t appear to leave your custody, but the question remains why Apple is storing it to begin with.

It isn’t a big secret that cell phone companies have had location information all along, but only they had access to it and it took court orders to gain access to that data.  Now, however the information is in plain view if you know how to retrieve it.

If you are curious about your own data you can obtain the app from the boys at radar oreillyPete Warden would be happy to pass it along. 

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