Björk to Release iPad App Album

Icelandic icon Björk is embracing new technology with the release of her seventh album Biophilia. While it will still be available in old school formats, it will also be released as a package of 10 iPad apps, bundled within one "mother" app.

Each app will correspond to a different track on the album and play off of the songs' themes, titles, or lyrics.

One of the apps hinted at so far is for the song "Virus", which is an interactive game where players must prevent a virus from attacking cells. However, if you succeed in stopping the virus, the song also stops. In this case you must purposely lose to win. Clever!

This won't be the first iPad app that Björk has contributed to, as a three minute instrumental track from Biophilia was featured in the Solar System app earlier this year. There is no date scheduled yet for the new iPad album release.

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