Bond Watch listed for $9.95 Sells for $66K on eBay

If you have old junk to sell, list it on eBay. If its collectible old junk, make sure you check the value of it before you list it on eBay. 

Recently a former Navy Doctor, Bob,  listed his Rolex watch on the site for a mere $10.00. That’s a pretty good price for a Rolex right?  But wait. 

Shortly after he listed it, the auction price was promptly raised to $30,000. He and his son discovered that his watch nicknamed the Bond Watch, as it was the same watch but not the actual watch Sean Connery wore in Goldfinger, Dr. No and Thunderball was a hot collectors item.  It is the Rolex Submariner Ref 5510.  

The good Doctor bought the watch at the Navy Exchange on Kwajalien Atoll for a very little money fifty two years ago.

The final bid on the watch was $66,100.00, more than twice what he was asking for it.  I’m sure he felt he earned plenty of money on the deal, but another watch with a different wrist band went for $100.000 back in 2008. 

If you are bummed you didn’t get to bid on “James Bond” watch, for $500.00 you can pick up the face dial for this.  Three of them are currently listed on eBay.  Or you can peruse the site for other Rolex options.


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