British Library Releases “Treasures” App

The British Library recently announced the release of Treasures, an application that allows users to examine and learn about over 100 of the institution’s most prized documents.

Literary highlights include Charles Dickens’s handwritten draft of Nicholas Nickleby and Jane Austen’s teenage writings, while history buffs can examine the 2,000-year-old Oracle Bones from China or an original Magna Carta from 1215.

The section devoted to music includes manuscript scores from some of the best-known classical composers, while Christian texts include the Codex Sinaiticus, the Lindisfarne Gospels, and the Gutenberg Bible.

The science section features manuscripts, notebooks, and letters that reveal some of the key scientific developments of all time, including Fleming’s discovery of penicillin, and Copernicus’s and Galileo’s findings on the structure of the cosmos.

The app, which will be regularly updated to include new exhibitions, also includes sound recordings and nearly 50 short videos.

British Library: Treasures is currently $1.99 for the iPhone, Android, and iPod touch, while the HD version for iPad will cost you $3.99. This introductory offer is available until January 24. After that, the app will cost $2 more. 

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