Cisco To Discontinue The Flip Video Camera

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Well, if you have been on the fence about getting a Flip video camera you had better decide fast. Cisco just announced plans to discontinue the line.

The company is aligning its operations and they will exit part of the consumer market. Cisco’s core business has been networking. They are getting back to basics by focusing on their priorities: core routing, switching and services; collaboration; architectures; and video.

So they will be closing down the FlipShare business unit and will eliminate 550 jobs. They are not the first hardware company to shut down their consumer facing business units. IBM eliminated their consumer product line long before they sold their laptop segment to Lenovo.

If you own a Flip, they will continue to “support FlipShare customers and partners with a transition plan.” Consumers who use the related software have no cause to panic yet.

There may not be much of a market for the Flip moving forward. Smartphones like the Android and the iPhone come equipped with the ability to shoot video and upload it to any social media site you want to. At one time the Flip was novel and every blogger and social media nut had to have one. Today, most are happy carrying one gadget around that does it all.

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