Code Red: For Men Who Need to Know About Their Woman's Flow

Instead of just going with the flow, husbands and boyfriends everywhere are downloading Code Red, an app that lets men keep track of, and react to, their lady's menstrual cycle. The app is also available on the new iPad. How appropriate.

Described on iTunes as men's best defense against the monthly Her-ricane, Code Red comes with a series of five alerts based on the stages of a woman's cycle: Smooth Sailing, Horny, PMS, Ovulation, and Code Red. The alerts also come with some helpful hints. For example, telling a lady her hair looks sexy, not cute, when she's feeling pre-menstrual. To activate the app, a man just needs to enter the first day of his lover's cycle and wait for the reminders to come.

Sorry guys, Code Red isn't free like many iPhone apps. You'll have to shell out $1.99 to keep up with your woman's monthly visitor. Bloody hell!

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