Cool Gadgets for Hot Summer Heat Waves

Temperatures are hitting triple digits all over the States this summer, so it's time to put technology to the test. Here are a few products that can provide some relief.

HMB-Tec's iPocketFan App

While it won't cool you off colossally, this handy adapter just plugs into your iPhone and begins blowing a tiny breeze.

Spray Fan 

With a little more power, the Spray Fan is portable and delivers a refreshing mist.

BEX Runner

Effective for up to one hour, the BEX Runner is a reusable palm-sized cool-gel-pad that draws heat from the body core.

S'well Bottle

Drinking lots of water is essential in dehydrating heat. This bottle merges style and function while keeping water cold for 24 hours. Proceeds benefit WaterAid to help those in need.

While these gadgets can provide some relief if you must meander outdoors, summer heat waves are great excuses to just stay inside and play video games all day!

Source: CBS News, Photo: zulema011

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