DC Universe Online Features Realistic Real Time Interactions

The latest in role playing games comes to you courtesy of DC Comics in a joint venture with Sony Online Entertainment. They recently joined others in the market place by offering up a DC Universe Online. It comes with a $15.00 a month fee to play the game.

The game, set in Metropolis and Gotham City, lets you create a super hero or a villain. You get chose an allegiance and then either keep the world safe from villains or wreak havoc on the world. It’s up to you. Based on the popular City of Heros/Villians franchise it expands that concept with the DC license, upping the appeal immensely. Unlike some games DC Universe Online will allow a multitude of players to inhabit the virtual world at the same time and interact in real time.

The game cost a whopping $50 million to create and enlisted the help of 150 programmers and artists. At such an expensive development cost there is a lot riding on its success. Although it follows a proven model its ace in the hole is that it is the first massively multi player game featuring realistic physical simulations. Another plus is that players can not only play on their computers but also through a gaming console such as the PlayStation 3.

The target audience for this game is the 25 –year-old male who is hard core into gaming and doesn’t mind spending a few bucks to play an immersive game such as this.

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