Date Check iPhone App Lets Women Stalk You

Some may call them smart, others may call them crazy, but some ladies out there won't date a guy unless they've conducted a thorough background check on him. This was virtually impossible before the invention of the Internet, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology viligant women can "investigate" dates from the comfort and convenience of their iPhone.

The Date Check iPhone app is targeted towards women, but either sex can technically use it. A user simply needs a potential date's name, email address, and phone number and Date Check will confirm the person's address, report on his criminal history, pull up a map of his neighborhood, determine who he lives with, share his educational history, and find any active social networking accounts. That's a bit creepy. Oh, and girls can rate their experience with you and Date Check will "log it for future use." Whatever that means.

The app is free so who knows how accurate or extensive the information it finds really is, but Date Check is bound to be a great tool for any competent stalker.

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