Disney Patents Interactive Cakes

The last time you had a birthday cake, did it DO anything? No? Well, all that is about to change, as Disney has patented interactive cakes. That is, birthday cakes with pico-projectors.

Disney was recently awarded a patent for “Projector Systems and Methods for Producing Digitally Augmented, Interactive Cakes and Other Food Products.”

According to StitchKingdom, the system would be capable of detecting the topography of a cake, which essentially means that if a slice were to be cut out, it could detect the missing piece and respond accordingly.  For example, cut out a slice where there is a simulated lake, and you may instantly create a simulated waterfall, in which water is now represented as flowing down the sides of the newly-missing cake portion. 

Additionally, props and specially coded utensils could trigger events such as Tinker Bell flying around the cake and leaving a trail of pixie dust when someone waves a want in front of the cake.  Or, perhaps Captain Hook would instantly appear and draw his sword, preparing for battle, as someone approaches the cake with a knife.

Sounds pretty fancy, huh? Obviously the new technology wouldn’t come cheap, so you can’t expect to find a projector-cake at your local grocery store. But in the past several years, luxury cakes have become quite the business, as reality shows on the Food Network and TLC have gained extreme popularity.

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