"Extreme Couponing" and Shelf Clearers

September is National Coupon Month, a perfect time for TLC to debut the second season of Extreme Couponing. And though extreme couponers are not particularly popular with cashiers or other shoppers (thanks to the long lines and hassle they bring), there’s one breed of couponer that is particularly loathed: the shelf clearer.

In the Extreme Couponing preview clip below, TLC introduces viewers to Michelle, a self-described shelf clearer with no qualms about emptying shelves and hauling homes cartloads of goods. Shelf clearers are frowned upon, even in the couponing community, because they buy every piece of discounted merchandise in the store, depriving other shoppers of the goods they need. Michelle defends her behavior, arguing that the “early bird gets the worm,” but most people find her behavior incredibly rude.

“That woman in the video is rude, arrogant, self serving and above all, crass. There is NO need to clear shelves and build a stockpile,” said one woman, after watching the preview. 

“I love getting a good deal like the next person but clearing shelves on purpose? Come on lady, that is just rude and gives people like me who have been doing it for years out of necessity a bad name and reputation,” another person said.

Extreme Couponers Season 2 debuts on September 28. Check out the preview video below. What do you think of Michelle and other shelf clearers? Smart and savvy or vile and selfish?

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