Facebook Unveils “Civil Union” and “Domestic Partnership” Statuses

In today’s society, many people judge the seriousness of a relationship by whether it’s “Facebook Official.” For some couples, though, the option of making it “Facebook official” wasn’t offered by the social networking site.

Well, it seems like Facebook heard the complaints and/or suggestions, and yesterday added the relationship status choices of “in a domestic partnership” and “in a civil union.” The other choices available before today were “single,” “in a relationship,” “engaged,” “married,” “it’s complicated,” “in an open relationship,” “widowed,” “separated,” and “divorced.”

It seems timely, if not overdue, considering there are probably a lot more people willing to openly disclose they are in a domestic partnership or civil union than in an open relationship or a complicated messball of a relationship.

But, as with anything (especially regarding Facebook), there will always be people who don’t want the change – advocates of gay marriage disdain the “separate but unequal” relationship titles, and some gay couples still prefer to define themselves as married, regardless of whether it’s legal in their state.

I just have to wonder what other statuses Facebook will inevitably roll out – with the TV show “Sister Wives,” maybe Facebook will open up a “married to ___, ___, and ___.”

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