Free iPad, Owner’s Manual App for Hyundai Equus Owners

The Hyundai Equus has generated a lot of buzz in the auto industry and the South Korean manufacturer continued the trend last night with a commercial during the 83rd Annual Academy Awards (below). As revealed by the commercial, buyers of a new Equus will receive a free iPad with their purchase as well as an interactive owner’s manual app free of charge.

“Now experience a more thoughtful approach to luxury with the new Hyundai Equus app for the iPad,” reads the app’s description. “Its interface is as refined and intuitive as the Equus itself. And with the ability to access the complete Owner’s Manual, everything you need to know about this exceptional vehicle is literally at your fingertips.”

Hyundai owners can also use the app to locate the nearest Hyundai dealer and schedule service; virtually experience unique Equus features like the lane departure warning system, adaptive headlights, and rear-passenger massage and relaxation therapy; as well as browse a gallery of all Hyundai vehicles.

A free iPad and digital owner’s manual sounds pretty neat, but as Gotta Be Mobile points out who wants to worry about a dead battery during a roadside emergency? Also, the Hyundai Equus will set consumers back about $58,000 so the app is technically far from free.

Hyundai, which is The Oscars exclusive automotive sponsor, ran a total of nine ads during coverage of the prestigious awards show.

Do you like the idea of owner's manual app in lieu of the traditional paper manual?

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