Future iPhone Accessory to Help Users Determine if Food is Truly Organic

Love organic food but worried those vegetables at the farmer’s market aren’t the real deal? There’s an iPhone accessory for that, or will be soon anyway. The upcoming Lapka will allow users to measure the properties of food to determine if the fruits and veggies are truly organic.

Checking food is simple. Users just insert a steel probe into a fruit or vegetable and wait for Lapka to measure nitrate concentration (I’d love to see someone probe vegetables at a grocery store). The higher the nitrate concentration, the greater the chances the food was raised with non-organic fertilizer. Rather than force users to decipher nitrate measurements for themselves, something most people have no clue about, the device boils readings down to a simple “good,” “bad,” etc. The device also looks organic, in case anyone’s wondering.

“Since this is a healthcare and environmental product, we used organic materials like wood and ivory-like plastic, it will look better with time,” Creative Director Vadik Marmeladov told Fast Company. “It’ll become your very own, personal talisman.”

The “personal environment monitor” will also measure humidity/temperature, radiation, and electromagnetic frequencies.

For now, the Lapka is still in prototype, though its makers hope the accessory will be available this December. It’s expected to run around $220.

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