Futuristic Water Bottle Tells You When You’re Thirsty

If you’ve ever had the terrible trouble of not knowing when you were thirsty, don’t worry – a new water bottle on the market is here to help. Research and development firm Cambridge Consultants will be showing off its interesting “i-dration” concept fitness water bottle at CES, an expo presented by the Consumer Electronics Association.

The bottle features a series of sensors that communicate with an app that you install on your smartphone. The bottle will measure ambient temperature, how much fluid you’ve consumed, and how often you’ve consumed it. The phone will use its ‘accelerometer’ to measure how hard you’re working out and combine that with heart rate data from a chest strap.  After crunching some numbers, the app determines whether your body is low on water – and if you are, it’ll make a blue light on the bottle pulse.

While this seems like a rather silly way to drink water, Cambridge’s angle is that it will demonstrate cool new ways that sensors can be tightly packed and integrated with smartphones to create “hardware apps.”

While they do that, I’m going to go drink some water. And no, my bottle didn’t tell me to do it.

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