Garageband App is Improved for iPad 2

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Now that the iPad 2 is out you might be wondering about the new apps for it.  Will they be more robust?  Well, at least one of them currently available for the iPad will have enhanced features. 

Garageband is the music software that allows you to plug in your guitar and record. It goes a step further and provides touch screens for other instruments like a piano and drums.  The Smart Instruments let anyone play, even someone who is less musically inclined.  The software won’t let you play a bad note. 

The recording process is also easy and intuitive.  A user can actually email the recordings or send them to their iTunes Library. 

It seems like the perfect app for an aspiring musician.  Creativity can strike at any time and having this app with you may improve your chances of capturing that song or riff you have swirling around.

The application will be available for $4.99 soon.  There are questions about its compatibility with the original iPad.  Hopefully someone will figure it out soon.

As awesome as this new and improved app seems, there is a catch.  In order to get the full capabilities out of it you will also need a dongle like the Apogee Jam.  The dongle is required to connect the guitar to the Mac, iPad or iTouch through a dock connector.  The dongle could set you back another $100.00. Or for a mere $39.95 you could pick up the AmpliTube iRig from Apple.

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