Glamour, Gap Launch iPad App Reality Show

Gap and Glamour have teamed up to offer Glamour Girls, a new reality show available exclusively on the iPad.

Featuring four 10 to 12-minute episodes, Glamour Girls follows Glamour employees Sarah (events manager), Jenna (a photographer's agent), Anda, and Masha (stylists) as they rush to finish the mag's spring campaign in 48 hours. Associate publisher Leslie Russo refers to the series as "Mary Tyler Moore meets The Hills."

Though an iPad reality show is unique enough, Glamour Girls viewers can also pause the program at any time to view and/or purchase the Gap outfits featured on the show, complete with special discounts!

"This is cracking the code - finding a way to integrate products organically in the storytelling and actually having it be of value to the reader," said William J. Wackermann, senior vice president and publishing director for Conde Nast Publications. "The immediacy is instantaneous. You want to buy it? Click this. This is giving us a glimpse of what the future may look like."

Glamour is not the first magazine to be featured in a reality show. Teen Vogue played a role in The Hills while Elle factored into The City. Glamour Girls is available for free within the magazine's app on iTunes. has posted an episode on their website. Check it out here!

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