Gold Dispensing ATM at a Florida Mall

In light of the economic decline worldwide it reasons to think that having gold on hand may be your best bet to retaining any sort of wealth.

Thomas Geissler has set out to make gold much easier to trade cash for gold.  He invented an ATM machine, called Gold to Go, that will dispense 24kt gold coins or gold bars with the Statue of Liberty printed on it.

The machine recently made its debut stateside after having some success in Europe.  The lucky city to get it first is the town of Boca Raton, Floridas, ironically located on Florida’s Gold Coast.  A local mall has installed the ATM near its food court for easy access.  Shoppers can purchase gold by inserting cash or a credit card and using a touch screen they can select the type of gold they would like at real time prices. 

Geissler is betting on the serious investor taking advantage of easy access to gold without having to seek out less secure methods of buying the commodity.  I imagine the casual investor will try it out a couple of times just for the novelty of it. 

Crooks will think of a way to steal the machine or rob an unsuspecting shopper sooner or later.  The machine at least comes with security cameras and armed guards so it can’t be hauled off but that won’t stop someone intent on stealing gold at gun point elsewhere in the mall.


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