Good Vibrations? Nokia Patents Vibrating Alert Tattoo

Missing phone calls and texts can be a hassle, but Nokia is working on a unique way to keep men and women from missing important communication - a vibrating tattoo! The cell phone maker has filed a U.S. patent application for a magnetic vibrating “tattoo” that will wirelessly connect to a user’s phone and send out alerts via vibration.

According to Nokia, the device could emit different types of vibrations for “an alert of a message, indication of an incoming call, indication of a body part in proximity of the electronic device, indication of information displayed on the electronic device, indication of a launch of an application, and indication of a least a portion of a displayed image.”

The tattoo doesn’t necessarily have to be inked on, Nokia says, but rather the device could also be stamped, sprayed, or attached via tape. No need to plan your vibrating tribal ink or butterfly tattoo just yet.

Wondering why one needs a vibrating tattoo to deliver alerts when using the vibrate function on a phone is just as easy? Nokia says the device could be helpful in scenarios where ringing phones are frowned upon - work, church, the movies - and vibrations lead to missed calls.

What do you think of the vibrating tattoo? Is it cool and convenient? Or intrusive and unneccessary? I have a feeling those crazy texting teens will love it.

Source: ABC

Photo: morgueFile

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