Halloween Cocktails Via iPhone and iPad

If you're hosting a Halloween party this weekend, you have to conjure up some creative cocktails. Even if you're just a party attendee, it's always nice to bring some libations along with you. The Pocket Cocktail app for iPhones and the Cocktails HD app for iPads have just been updated with amazing themed drinks and mouth watering graphics!

20 new and original cocktails are just waiting for you to whip them up, including Killer Cranberry, Monster Punch, Bayou Slime, Draculade, Rats' Last Meal, Scary Mary, Slimey Dew, and samBOOca!

These apps also contain Christmas drinks and over 100 wines from all over the world. There is even an in-depth Bartender’s section which includes tips and tricks on how to use bar tools, garnish drinks, stock a bar, muddle and layer, make purees, create spirals, wedges, boats, flags, zest and much, much more!

You can search for drinks by ingredients, and even color! Plus, if you simply can't decide on which one to make, the Random Shaker will virtually mix one up for you! And for those who prefer their beverages sans alcohol, the Mocktails category can suggest some tasty drinks that won't get you drunk!

Pocket Cocktails for the iPhone is $0.99, while Cocktails HD for the iPad is $2.99.

Source, Photo: Pocket Cocktails

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