Hasbro Develops 3D Glasses for iPhone, iPod Touch

Though there have been rumors that Apple is experimenting with 3D technology, gadget gurus and 3D junkies don’t have to wait for the launch of the next iPhone to enjoy three-dimensional content on their Apple device. Hasbro has developed 3D glasses that allows users to “experience 3D and 360 degrees of entertainment” on their iPhone or iPod touch.

The viewer, known as My3D, sounds cool, but will people actually use it? Here's how it works.

After downloading a special app and attaching the glasses to an iPhone or iPod, users can enjoy 3D content on their Apple device. Tilting and turning the gadget will allow My3D users to "experience interactive and immersive 3D entertainment including gaming and 360 degree experiences." However, those hoping for something sleek and sexy will be greatly disappointed. My3D looks a lot like the clunky 65-year-old Viewfinder and the device doesn’t appear to be all that portable. Plus, what adult wants to be seen peering into their phone (like the guy above), especially while tilting and whirling?

Available exclusively at Target, my3D retails for $34.99 and can so far be used with one of seven apps designed for the new device (more are expected, of course).

Are you willing to give Hasbro’s 3D viewer a try?

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