Hasbro's My3D Goggles Unleash Fun Virtual Experiences

3D is becoming all the rage. Every new movie is shot in 3D, television sets come in 3D and now you can even view your iPhone games in 3D. Hasbro has developed goggles that allow you to turn your iPhone into a 3D gaming powerhouse.

The My3D goggles are the first 3D viewer accessory to use the processing power of an iPhone or iPod Touch.  They closely resemble the old View Masters we played with as children.  Like the View Master it has a wall separating the left form the right, giving you the illusion of depth. Basically you stick you iOS device in the back of the goggles, and insert your thumbs to reach the touch controls like the menu.

My3D goggles provide an experience that goes beyond the movie trailers and stills. It comes with seven custom apps that let you enter a 3D virtual world. You can tour a pier in L.A. or swim in a shark tank.  You can control the twists and turns with your head movements.  The 3d effect is very well done despite being subtle at times.

If you pop on a pair of ear buds you can get lost in the experience, something that other gaming systems have yet to figure out including the Nintendo 3DS.

The only drawback is the inability to stop a game easily or switch to another.  You will need to unhook your device, find the app you want, launch it and go through the My3D orientation again.  A central hub would be easier for control purposes.

Despite the small annoyance it is said to be a heck of a lot of fun.

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