Haute Couture Hands-Free Calling

Novoro Fashion Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth users always get made fun of. It just looks dorky having that plastic piece attached to your ear and appearing as if you're talking to yourself. But now this hands-free communication method is made a little classier by Novoro.

For the ladies, fancy necklaces covered in gold, silver, pearls, and diamonds also include Bluetooth technology. Some say gorgeous, some say gaudy. Choose from the Victoria collection, made from silicon, ebony, lapis lazuli, and black or white pearls, for the modest price of $300 to $900 each. Or splurge for the La Premiere edition, which includes 5 styles made from the most precious metals, gemstones, pearls, and diamonds, for a mere $120,000 each.

Don't worry gents, there are fashion Bluetooth headsets for you as well...

The Victor collection is "crafted to blend discreetly and elegantly into the way you dress and the way you live." Polished ebony-black cubes combine with a brushed silver cap to clip on your shirt or jacket lapel while the connected earpiece wraps behind your neck, all for $400.  

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