High Demand Expected for Nintendo 3DS

The much-hyped Nintendo 3DS launches in the U.S. on Sunday (March 27), but will there be a demand for the new gaming system? GameStop President Tony Bartel says yes.

"We are seeing very strong demand for the 3DS," Bartel is recorded as saying in an earnings call. "We've been working very closely with Nintendo to maintain our reservations, to keep them open, and Nintendo has been very good with providing us with additional supply of 3DS so that we can keep our reservations open."

Priced at $249, the Nintendo 3DS enables players to enjoy 3D games without the goofy glasses. The device will launch with 18 games and another 12 will hit shelves in the next few months. 

The 3DS has already performed well overseas. The device launched in Japan last month, selling out the first weekend. The handheld gaming system debuted in the UK today, with consumers braving long lines to get their hands on what some are calling “the future of gaming.” Nintendo expects to sell around 4 million units by March 31.

Are you planning to purchase the Nintendo 3DS?


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