Holograms Greet Airport Passengers

It’s not the USS Enterprise but you might think you are on the Star Trek Holodeck if you fly out of Manchester, England.

The airport is trying a new method of greeting passengers and reminding them of liquid restrictions prior to the security check point.   Nothing else seems to have worked so they think holograms may get passenger attention. 

The holograms were based off of real life airport employees John Walsh and Julie Caper. The images were created by the same technology that brought to life the animated rock group Gorillaz. 

Julie Caper is quoted on the website “We don’t want anyone to have to throw their drink or make-up away so we’ve tried lots of different ways to reinforce the liquid rules, from posters to people dressed up as giant deodorant cans. 

“Maybe holograms are the answer” she added. “If our holograms help our passengers through the security process even quicker then it will be a good thing.”

Well, I know holograms would get my attention pretty quickly.  Now if they could just work on teleportation, we wouldn’t have silly security measures to worry about. Better yet, let’s take a trip on the holodeck and avoid air travel altogether.


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