IntoNow App Helps Friends Connect With Television Shows: Cool or Lame?

IntoNow is a free app that identifies television shows by listening to them and allows users to share their viewing habits with friends through social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. However, I have to wonder if this is a useless app or a fun and helpful tool? You decide.

IntoNow works like this: Users select the TV icon from the app while watching a television program and it will identify the episode of the show and (sometimes) indicate whether the program is airing live or if it is a rerun. I just tested this from home and IntoNow did not tell me which episode of the Steve Wilkos show I was watching. For shame! Also, the app may have trouble hearing the program if the volume is low, if there is background noise, or if the show is somewhat old or obscure.  

After IntoNow identifies the show, a user has the option of sharing this information with friends via Facebook or Twitter (“I’m watching Sponge Bob Squarepants right now. That Squidward is so grumpy.”) and then search for the program on Netflix, iTunes, or IMDb.

Users can also “discover” new content through pre-made lists like “Best Shows of the 90’s,” “The World of Disney,” and “Movies Featuring San Francisco,” see what shows other IntoNow Users are watching (I learned someone named Larry S. is watching Jerry Springer), and find out what shows are most popular among the IntoNow community (The Today show and Sports Center, apparently).

So, does IntoNow sound useful and fun or silly and pointless? After playing around with it a few minutes, I’m leaning toward the latter. No one I know will care about what I’m watching on TV and I don’t care about what other people are watching, especially strangers. However, the app isn’t totally lame. As someone who subscribes to basic cable and has no program synopsis when flipping through channels, IntoNow could be helpful in telling me what I’m watching. Also, it could be cool to search for a program on NetFlix or IMDb. I guess.

What do you think about the IntoNow app? Cool or lame? Useful or pointless?

IntoNow is available on iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

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