Is Tiger’s Wife Shacking Up with Brett Favre?

According to a report in US Weekly published earlier this week, Elin Nordegren, the scorned wife of golfing pro Tiger Woods, is staying at the home of Vikings quarterback Brett Favre while the golfer undergoes therapy for sex addiction.

Favre’s 460-acre estate is located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Pine Grove - Gentle Path, the sex addiction rehab clinic currently treating Tiger, is also located in the small Mississippi town. Tiger checked himself into the clinic earlier this month and it’s not clear how long he plans to stay.

No one is quite sure why Elin is staying at Brett’s home, though she is presumably in town to support her husband. Sources have speculated that she is there participate in Tiger’s intensive recovery program. Perhaps Brett and Tiger are friends? Nevertheless, many dudes believe it’s dangerous to leave your Swedish supermodel wife with a ruggedly handsome, millionaire athlete (especially after you cheated on her multiple times).  

Only time will tell if Elin and Tiger will reconcile or get divorced. I, for one, hope Elin runs away with Brett and attacks him with a football one day.

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