Jam Out Old School Style with a Cassette MP3 Player

Since my mom calls her mp3 player a walkman anyway, I'm tempted to get her one of these throwbacks from Urban Outfitters. Although, I can already hear her saying, "Hey, the stop, forward, and rewind buttons don't work!"

The legendary music player of the past lives on in this old school cassette mp3 player. The bright, bold colors sure do resemble the 80s! It runs on 2 AA batteries and comes with a 1GB SD memory card and USB cable to easily load your tunes.

The song titles appear on the small screen on the front, however you can't choose songs from a list, you can only skip to the next one. And the stop, pause, forward, and rewind buttons are just for show.

They sell for $48, however they are currently sold out. Sorry Mom.

Source: Bit Rebels, Photo: Urban Outfitters

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