Jawbone® Introduces New Wristband to Monitor Your Health

photo source: msnbc/jawbone

If there was a wristband that helped you to stick to a healthy lifestyle would you wear it? Jawbone ®, the makers of the stylish Bluetooth headsets are counting on it. The company has developed a wristband that will track the wearer’s physical activity, nutrition and sleep patterns.

It uses “robust computing and sophisticated sensor technology” to monitor activity levels 24/7. It is used in concert with a mobile app that “analyzes the activity, and an open platform that motivates you with personal and social recommendations and challenges tailored to your goals,” a press release from Jawbone said.

“We’re passionate about creating products for the mobile lifestyle that people love to use every day. And now, we’re harnessing that passion to approach a major global issue- health,” said Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman. “We’re focused on creating a highly accessible solution for this particular space that integrates seamlessly into a user’s daily life with the goal of making it absolutely easy for them to live better.”

The wristband, known as “Up”, was introduced at the forward thinking TEDGlobal conference this week. There was no word on pricing or fashion colors available. If the pricing on Jawbones headsets is any indication, the new gadget won’t come cheaply.


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