Just Another App to Stalk and Be Stalked: FourSquare

Foursquare, the classic recess game: cool. Foursquare, the phone application: not cool.

As if updates on Facebook announcing where you're at and where you're going isn't enough to entice stalkers, you can go even further with FourSquare. While it's old news to most metropolitan areas, it recently became more popular with now over 500,000 members.

This iPhone (Blackberry, Android, etc.) app rewards members for posting where everyone can find them, all the time. The most you post, the more nifty (nerdy) badges you receive! For example, if you check in from 4 different places in one night, you get the "Crunked" badge. And if you check in with 3 members of the opposite sex, you get the "Player Please!" badge.

But the big reward is when you check in enough times from the same place and receive the coveted "Mayor" badge. Of course these bars, restaurants, and clubs cash in by offering deals to the "mayors" like free drinks and free food to keep customers coming back and playing more of this FourSquare game. Like Helen A.S. Popkin of MSNBC so eloquently puts it, "All these new-fangled social networks that play to our narcissism and our need to belong are tools for capitalism."

So go ahead, jump on the app-wagon and download FourSquare... so I can know when you're not at home and toilet paper your house for being such a big nerd!

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