Latvians Lining Up to Buy Beer Coins

Latvia's Beer Coin

While some countries' coins commemorate political figures and historical buildings, Latvia prefers to imprint theirs with mushrooms, snowmen, and frogs. However, a new coin issued last month has the Baltic country's Health Ministry pretty mad.

The silver one Lat coin contains a large, frothy beer stein on the back side, dedicated to the beverage binging bash known as the midsummer solstice festival.

"The coin contradicts our efforts to cut down on the consumption of alcohol in society," the health ministry complained. They also claim the coin contributes to illegal alcohol advertising.

The Bank of Latvia's press release didn't help much, praising the beverage for its medical uses, such as curing insomnia. "After water and tea, beer is the third most popular beverage in the world," the press release regaled. "The builders of the Egyptian pyramids were given three vessels of beer a day."

All of this publicity over the coin, both negative and positive, has only increased its popularity. Long lines of Latvians were seen outside of banks to buy the beer currency. Coin collectors from other countries can acquire some too, as they are already being sold on eBay.

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