Leviton Introduces Portable EV Charger

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Gas prices keep going up and we don’t imagine they will drop anytime soon.  Of course, this may have you thinking about alternative fuels for that commute to work.  One option is electric, but then the dilemma is how  do you charge the car for the ride home.  Unlike gas stations, EV charging stations are not on every street corner yet.

Leviton may be able to help you out with that.   They have announced the Evr-Green 120 portable EV charger.  It will plug into any 15 or 20 amp household outlet with the other end plugging into the car’s receptacle. It’s not ideal for a full charge but will work quite nicely if you just need to top off the battery.

It is the first truly portable charger that can travel with you.  The Evr-Green 120 will fit nicely next to the golf clubs and camping gear.  It has handle and a cord management system that will transport and store easily.  The cord also comes with a selectable charge rate to reduce circuit overload.  All of this is packed in water tight, dust tight and corrosion resistant case.

The Evr-Green 120 comes with a three year warranty and will be available for purchase later this year. The charger is also UL listed for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment.

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